Concerns At AIPHS Site Leased From OUSD

Dear AIPHS Families,


On the evening of Thursday, October 26, it was brought to my attention that after testing drinking water at several of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) school sites, including the Lakeview Campus that AIPHS currently shares with OUSD, OUSD found that Lakeview water has unsafe amounts of lead that exceed federal health standards. 


While this information is very alarming, it also is concerning that OUSD did not inform my staff and me of the testing which took place back in August.  In fact, like other affected school sites, we weren’t directly notified by OUSD and were only made aware of the unsafe drinking water through an online SF Gate news article.  This situation is wholly unacceptable. 


For these reasons and to ensure the safety of all AIPHS students and staff, I have directed the following safeguards to be put in place:


Effective immediately, all AIPHS students and staff will not be allowed to drink water that originates from OUSD’s Lakeview Campus.  To our knowledge, the water at the Lakeview Campus is safe to be used to wash hands and for cleaning purposes. 


Effective immediately, every AIPHS classroom and staff work area will receive a water bottle system.  Before their arrival and installation, bottled water will be provided to AIPHS students and staff free of charge. 


To encourage conservation, water consumption, and environmental sustainability, effective immediately, all AIPHS students and staff members will be provided with a BPA free water bottle free of charge.


Lastly, I have personally reached out to OUSD Superintendent Johnson-Trammel and OUSD Board President Harris to express my concerns of failing to be notified about the unsafe drinking water and to discuss a long-term solution to the Lakeview water crisis.  I will keep you informed of any updates brought to my attention. While AIPHS is a tenant of OUSD and does not control the condition of the Lakeview building, we take the obligation to provide a safe environment seriously. The steps described in the previous paragraphs are to ensure that our students and staff are safe and healthy.


­­­Friday, ­­­­­­­ at 6:15 pm in the auditorium of Lakeview, there will be a special parent's meeting to discuss this matter



Superintendent Woods-Cadiz