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Oakland Students Treated to ‘Black Panther’ Screening, Talk

American Indian Model Schools Superintendent Maya Woods-Cadiz said the discussion allows students of color to see that “what they can do in life is broad,” which ties into a theme of the movie.

“Superheroes aren’t just (the film’s main character) T’Challa; superheroes are actually everyday people,” Woods-Cadiz said. “That connects to our mission, which is providing social and financial capital for students and families that traditionally don’t have access to that.”
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AIMS Techbridge girls on ABC 7 News

Here's a look at our 6-8th grade girls at SFO yesterday on the local news!

As ever, we're proud of our students, and I'm especially proud of these girls who participate in Techbridge and represent themselves, the program, and our school extremely well.

Ms. Coenen
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