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Mr. Holmquist will be making blog posts that can be viewed at the link below. Please follow his blog for information regarding the AIPHS Academics (American Indian Public High School).

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SBAC preparations

SBAC practice tests are available: here
There are some other options too. I hope to post some more here.

Summertime coming soon!

There are lots of activities for students to enjoy that take them out of the regular classroom and get them involved in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) during the summer! The following is a quick list of some of the possibilities:
SEEK - 3 week program put on by the National Society of Black Engineers to expose 3-5 graders to STEM concepts.
Girls Who Code Summer Camp - Girls learn the fundamentals of computer science, from robotics to web pages
RoboTech Center - Kids can build projects using the latest high tech gadjets
iD Tech Camps - STEM learning and traditional summer camp experience
Apple Camps - 3 day workshops happening near you
There are also websites to go to for STEM activities (anytime)!
There are other opportunities too. Don't forget a visit to the Oakland Zoo, the Exploratorium, or many other Summer Camp possibilities!

Red Scarf Girl - background

What do the themes of the Red Scarf Girl have to do with "revolution"?
  1. Look up the word revolution. Find a definition. Write it down.
  2. Use one or two of the following links and find an alphabet of ten or more words (beginning with A-J) that describe or tell about the "Cultural Revolution" in China.
M - Mao Zedong
N - New ieas, new ways of thinking, new awareness of class
O - Olds: The Four Olds are old ideas, customs, culture, arts
P - proletariate: workers, especially farm or factory workers

Volcano Extra Credit

Look up information to update the class about the Stanford study on Hawaii's volcano warning system.