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AIMS Once Again On The California Honor Roll List

Searching for Opportunity: Examining Racial Gaps in Access to Quality Schools in California and a List of Spotlight Schools: AIPHS is the only Oakland school that made the list. Congratulations!

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High School Views "Hidden Figures" at The Grand Lake Theater

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A Day on The Bay

Cross Country Champions 

Golden Eagles Girls' Team

Eagles Mascot Struts His Stuff

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A Winning Team

At AIMS We Work Hard

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Superintendent Woods-Cadiz Presenting To Senators, Congresswomen, and Congressmen on Capitol Hill

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K-8 Curriculum Review Night / K-8课程评审之夜

Dear AIMS Community,

Please save the date for the Kindergarten - 8th Grade Curriculum Review Night on June 6th. You'll find the evening's agenda attached to this message.

See you then!


请于6月6日保存幼稚园 - 8年级课程评审之夜的日期。注意下面的总议程:

下午6:00 : 所有家庭都有机会与当前国家认可的课程进行互动,包括:




下午6:30 : 院长讲课


- 每年采用起​​搏指南,以确保掌握标准

-K-2倡议更新:AIMS早期数学自动化策略,2017-2018年ELA /扫盲采用


- 每年采用起​​搏指南,以确保掌握标准

- 了解教师如何使用我们的课程建立单位


- 每年采用起​​搏指南,以确保掌握标准

- 前AP焦点:基础数学,代数1,研究,核心写作,科学手


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